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San Diego CA92198-0529
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Glenn D. Peterson, PE
2651 Carisbrook Drive
Oakland, CA 94611
Tel: (510) 725-2743 cell

Expert Category: ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION - Fires & Explosions

Specialties: Investigation of fire protection systems design (sprinklers, standpipes, pumps, fire alarms, foam, halon, dry chemical & others); Fire protection equipment failures; Fires-cause and spread; Propane & natural gas fires & explosions; Furnace and water heater fires; Construction defects; Expert testimony; Computer simulations of fire spread; Analysis of fire hazards and burning characteristics of various materials; Building and fire code analysis; Fire Protection and Mechanical Engineer licenses; Over 35 years experience.

Degrees/Licenses: BS, FPE, ME.

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ENGINEERING-Fire Protection

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