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Emanuel Kapelsohn
The Peregrine Corporation
1636 N Cedar Crest Blvd #320
Allentown, PA 18104
Tel: (610) 360-7053

Expert Category: FIREARMS & BALLISTICS - General

Specialties: Yale U. and Harvard Law Degrees; Internationally-recognized expert in firearms training and use, safety and accidents, function and design; Involuntary muscular contraction; Police procedures; Self-defense; Use of deadly force; Holsters and firearms-related equipment; Products liability; Criminal cases; Testimony in numerous State and Federal Courts; Over 100 published works; Trainer of instructors for major police agencies; Consultant to manufacturers; Editorial staff of three magazines; Member of two national-level boards; Certified instructor in police firearms (FBI, NRA, others), defensive tactics, handgun retention, baton, pepper spray, less lethal munitions, Taser, FATS, armorer-trainer for various weapon systems; certified in shooting scene reconstruction, executive protection, force science.

Degrees/Licenses: BA, JD, Cert. Instr: FA, DT, HG RET, BTN, EP, OC, LL, TASER, FATS.

Also listed under:

LAW ENFORCEMENT-Use of Force, Police Misconduct

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