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Gerald M. Dworkin
Consultant, Aquatics Safety & Water Rescue
Lifesaving Resources, LLC
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3 Mills Rd.
Kennebunkport, ME 04046
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Expert Category: RECREATION - Aquatics

Specialties: Drowning and aquatic injury prevention, recognition and emergency management, including lifeguard operations and training, water and swiftwater rescue, ice and cold water rescue and survival, escape and rescue from submerged vehicles, diving accident prevention and emergency management, etc. Also, First Responder training and emergency operations for Fire, Rescue, EMS and Law Enforcement personnel for safe and effective response to ice and water rescue incidents. Dworkin is internationally recognized as an expert in his field and has appeared on numerous electronic broadcasts as a subject matter expert. Dworkin is a Firefighter and EMT; as well as a Water Rescue and Ice Rescue Instructor Trainer. He has consulted on over 265 cases to date, and has appeared as a subject matter expert on CBS' Early Show; NBC's Today Show; ABC's Good Morning America; CNN; MSNBC News; The Weather Channel; The Discovery Channel; and The History Channel. He is internationally recognized and has conducted training for Lifeguards, Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement personnel from throughout the U.S., as well as Canada, Norway, and Greece. He has also conducted training in Ireland and Germany.

Degrees/Licenses: BS, EMT,NFPA FFIII, CPR/CPR Instruct, Lifeguard/Lifeguard Instruct, EMS Instruct.

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ACCIDENT PREVENTION & SAFETY-Aquatics Safety & Water Rescue

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