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William D. Barnhart, MD, MBA, FACP
Internal Medicine/Geriatrics
2625 Harlem Blvd
Rockford, IL 61103-4117
Tel: (815) 965-8640
or (815) 218-0132 Cell
Fax: (815) 965-8641

Expert Category: MEDICINE & HEALTH - Internal Medicine

Specialties: Forty years experience in medical malpractice, personal injury and Workers' Compensation - defense and plaintiff. Medical Educator and practitioner in internal medicine, primary care, preventive medicine, clinical ethics and clinical geriatrics. Active medical school faculty member. Extensive trial experience and skills in discovery and evidence depositions. Member - AMA, ACP, AGS, AMDA, and other national organizations. Presenter nationally, in medical ethics, geriatrics and law for physicians. Fellow of the Institute of Medicine of Chicago and the American College of Physicians.

Degrees/Licenses: MD, MBA, FACP.

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