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Gerald C. Meyers
Professor of Management
University of Michigan Business School
5600 W. Maple Rd., Ste. B-216
W. Bloomfield, MI 48322
Tel: (248) 851-6834
Fax: (248) 851-6896

Expert Category: MANAGEMENT/BUSINESS CONSULTING - Corporate Governance

Specialties: Business Management, Corporate Governance; Officer and Director Accountability; Product Liability and Litigation; Manufacturing and Purchasing Responsibility. Carnegie Mellon University, Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Ford Distinguished Professor. Author: "When it Hits the Fan, Managing the Nine Crises of Business," Houghton Mifflin; "Dealers, Healers, Brutes & Saviors, Eight Winning Styles for Solving Giant Business Crises," John Wiley & Sons. Testified in Federal and State courts, arbitration proceedings, consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Former Chairman & CEO, American Motors Corporation; Professor of Management at the University of Michigan Business School Degrees/licenses: BS, MS Carnegie Mellon Grad. School of Indust. Admin.; French Legion of Honor, Doctor of Business Practice.

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LITIGATION SUPPORT-Officer & Director Responsibility

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